Creative Studio MuteHouse
  • Magpie X Fritz Coffee Breakfast Porter - Our latest print for the Magpie X Fritz Coffee collaboration. The Breakfast Porter is a beautiful combination of rich dark coffee from one of the best roasters in Seoul, and a smooth chocolaty ale to match. ~ Oh woord?

    가장 최근에 맥파이와 프릳츠 커피에서 선보인 콜라보레이션, 브랙퍼스트 포터는 진한 커피향에 어울리는 은은한 초콜렛 향이 가미된 부드러운 맥주입니다. 참 맛있습니다. 

  • Tote bag for upcoming fashion show. ~ More news on the way

  • 실크 스크린 메뉴 - Fresh batch of screen printed wood blocks ~ 따끈따끈 막 만든 실크스크린 나무알파벳.

  • Our new print for the Magpie x 김성만 collabo Raspberry Lemon Wheat Ale! Pick up a free poster/interview at Hongdae or Itaewon - Launches today! / 맥파이 x 김성만 콜라보레이션 맥주 - 라즈베리 레몬 휘트. 홍대나 이태원 맥파이에서 포스터 챙겨가세요! 

  • 일석이조 / Two Birds One Stone screen prints will be dropped off at Magpie Brewing and Galmegi Brewing today! The first collaboration beer in Korea - a 6.8% Black IPA that you don’t want to miss. So good!

    서울 맥파이와 부산 갈매기 브루잉의 어쩌면(아마도) 한국 최초의 콜라보레이션 맥주! 진짜 맛있음! 저희가 스크린프린팅한 포스터는 이태원 맥파이에서 구매 가능합니다. 따로 구매를 원하시면

    For purchase inquires contact us!  (Print run of 50)

  • Magpie Brewing Co. - Terrible Two’s Birthday IPA Screenprint.
    3 Color - Terrible Grey (grey,blue/speckle), Speckle Gold, Black

  • Incase you’ve missed it, we’ve compiled (in no specific order) a collection of our favorite albums of 2013. Have at it! 

    It’s exciting to look forward to the new year, but it’s also nice to look back and think how we made it through another awesome 365 days.

  • After a loooong time of researching we finally found an amazing crew to work with while creating this iron bird. Individual install of each element was a big task to tackle, but we couldn’t be happier with how it turned out. 

    Without further ado, the iron Magpie! 

  • Finishing a fresh batch of Scout cards on the roof. A grand way to end the work day.

  • We designed a business card for Aaron Choe, a photographer based in Seoul. We tried to amplify the story of the fun, everyday life that he captures.

    See more from Aaron

  • Oldie But Goodie ~ Vans Go Skateboarding Day 2013
    Catch our dude Chris Da Canha ripping on his MuteHouse Deck (bolt). Aweh put this together for Vans Go Skateboarding day this summer in Seoul. We’re so stoked to see these get beat!